Who Is Jesus?

He was either who he said he was, or he was a liar, or he was a lunatic.

If you believe he was a liar, just stop here, the rest won't interest you.

If you believe he was crazy, you may as well move on too, this will be of no interest to you.

But if you're willing to believe he was who he said he was, let what's presented here draw you to him and whet your desire to know him personally.
This is the most remarkable series I have ever seen, one every person on earth should see.

This one is really part 4. Watch it and if it touches you as deeply as it touched me, I've placed the link below it so you can watch the others.

Watch this all the way through because the best part is at the end.

There's more! Click on the link below. Take your time. I promise you it's worth it.

If you have unsaved loved ones, get the DVD. This would be an excellent presentation to give to them.

See details after Part 4 of the series.