Who Is Jesus?

He was either who he said he was, or he was a liar, or he was a lunatic.

If you believe he was a liar, just stop here, the rest won't interest you.

If you believe he was crazy, you may as well move on too, this will be of no interest to you.

But if you're willing to believe he was who he said he was, let what's presented here draw you to him and whet your desire to know him personally.

Why Jesus Came - Our Predicament

It Started Out Good

In the description of the creation of the world as recorded in Genesis, God said several times that it was "good."

Genesis, chapter 1:
...."Then God said, "Let there be light''; and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good..."

...."And God called the dry land Earth, and the gathering together of the waters He called Seas. And God saw that it was good."

But Obviously, Something Happened
If you've lived long enough in this world, you've noticed that it is no longer "good."


When God created mankind and placed them on the earth, they lived in a state of perfection and walked with, and enjoyed God freely. He made only one demand on them, warning that if they disobeyed him, the result would be death.

The Lie
Satan, a fallen angel filled with hatred for God and for all that God cares about, came to them and suggested that what God had said to them was not true:

And he said to the woman, “Has God indeed said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?”
Genesis 3:1

It is extremely important to remember this part of the story because this is always the way Satan lures mankind into sin: he tells them what God said is not true.

"Then the serpent said to the woman, 'You will NOT surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.'"
Genesis 3:4-5

They fell for that and believed Satan's suggestion that it would actually be to their advantage to disobey God. And so the first sin took place, the sin of UNBELIEF. They took the fruit.

It wasn't an apple. Satan has so distorted the story so as to make it sound ridiculous. No, the particular fruit had a property which opened them up to the knowledge of good versus evil. God had wanted them to remain in an innocent state, but now that was no longer possible.

The Horrific Results Of Sin
This act of rebellion brought the curse of death not only upon the two, but the death principle affected them completely, even to their very genetic makeup. And that meant that it was to be upon everyone who would ever be born of them. It becomes obvious that it was a genetic curse because subsequent generations would show plainly that the original perfect genome has mutated with each subsequent generation. In the very beginning, there was no law forbidding intermarriage within families because the genome was still fairly healthy and it would take several generations before genetic diseases would become apparent. Later, when God gave the law, he mandated an end to marriage with family members. They couldn't have known about genetics then, but it makes total sense to anyone reading about it now.

But death didn't only come upon them. Sin brought death into the whole world. The death principle took over everything. So now, even animals, even plants came under its curse. No living thing was exempt from death. Death took over the entire world. God's creation deteriorated to the point where sickness and death, violence and death, accidents and death, and all manner of death became the accustomed way of life on planet earth.

More Effects From The Curse
The worse effect, though, was that sin now stands between God and man, and mankind, being born IN sin, has lost fellowship with God. And upon death, man cannot enter God's heaven because man is corrupted. And corrupt beings go to hell, Satan's domain.

God Himself Has A Problem
Satan thought he won in his effort to destroy God's creation, and surely he had succeeded in causing the separation between a holy God and a corrupt mankind. So now GOD had a problem. Every human being's destiny was no longer to walk with God, but to die and be taken by Satan to hell, a place that experiences no fellowship with God whatsoever. This was, it HAD to be, the fate of sinful mankind who had lost righteousness, lost sinlessness, lost holiness, and therefore was by nature unfit for heaven and cut off totally from God.

So WE had a problem without a solution.

And God had a problem because his creation was lost. Every descendant of Adam was sin-sick, under the curse of death, and separated permanently, in this world and in the one to come, from God.

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His Solution

Why Jesus Came -His Solution

Adam Has A New Experience - Guilt, Shame, And Fear
When Adam realized things had changed after his rebellion, and for the first time he felt guilt and shame, he hid himself from God. He was exhibiting what was now the human condition that we all experience, guilt and shame.

Finally, God comes looking for him and asks, "what have you done???"

Adam Refuses To Acknowledge His Guilt
Now Adam exhibits another aspect of the human condition, he tried to blame it on someone else. He told God that Eve brought him into rebellion. And when God questioned Eve, she told him that Satan had caused her to rebel. What a picture of humanity! Out of our own human nature, we'll always find someone else to blame for whatever sin we get caught in. But that is not acceptable before God, every person ALONE is responsible for his choices, whether there were extenuating circumstances or not.

They Try To Cover Themselves
Now comes a very important part of this story that a lot of people miss. As soon as Adam and his wife realized a great change had taken place in them, and for the first time felt the human emotions "guilt" and "shame," they each took leaves and tried to cover themselves.

"...and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons."
Genesis 3:7

 But what God did next, is one of the most important points we must understand in order to understand salvation.

The Covering Foreshadowing The Atonement
The coverings of leaves was not acceptable to hide their shame. Instead, Genesis 3:21 reports that God took skins of an animal and clothed them with them. There's a VERY important point here, don't miss it. Whatever we use to cover our guilt with, is not acceptable. The remedy God provided was animal skins thus showing that the cost of redemption is going to be the shedding of BLOOD. As reported in the Book of Hebrews, "without shedding of blood there is no remission."

Why is that so? Why does blood have to be shed to "cover" mankind?

God was showing mankind that there is NO OTHER WAY he can cover himself, or cleanse himself of the guilt of sin.

Throughout the Bible stories, the picture of redemption through the blood of a lamb was the only way of salvation. Here are a couple of dramatic stories portraying this:

God called a man named Abraham to take his son Isaac up to a certain mountain and sacrifice his son. As they were walking up the mountain, Isaac sees the wood and realizes they're going up to a sacrifice, but notices Abraham doesn't have a lamb. So Isaac asks his father,

"Where is the lamb?"

"But Isaac spoke to Abraham his father and said, 'My father!' And he said, 'Here I am, my son.' Then he said, 'Look, the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?'”
Genesis 22:7

Notice carefully the answer Abraham gives:

verse 8:
"My son, God will provide Himself the lamb..."

So Isaac walked up that hill, with the wood on his back (foreshadowing Jesus walking to Calvary with the cross on his back) and at the last minute, as Abraham goes to slay him, God tells him not to, but to replace Isaac and instead sacrifice an animal that was nearby, showing that the death is going to be SUBSTITUTIONARY. God himself is going to provide the lamb who will be slain, taking the judgment ON OUR BEHALF, and it will be a substitutionary sacrifice.

Another beautiful portrait of the same thing:

The Passover Lamb

Many years later, the Jewish people were in Egypt, slaves to Pharoah who caused them much suffering. God sent Moses to bring his people out of that bondage. After Pharoah many times refused to let them go, God told Moses that he would be sending judgment, an angel of death throughout all of Egypt, and every firstborn son of every Egyptian family was going to die --- EXCEPT the sons of the children of Israel. But to be spared, they had to do what God told them. It required belief. It required obedience. He told them that each family was to take a lamb, slay it, and take a hyssop branch and dab the blood of their lamb on the doorposts of their homes. And when the judgment came, when the angel of death came through the streets of Egypt, every house that had the blood of the lamb on their doorposts, would be PASSED OVER and spared the judgment of death.

That's what the Jews celebrate to this day when they celebrate PASSOVER. Notice that the blood had to be dabbed onto the top piece of the doorframe, and then on each of the upper sides of the door frame. Picture it. What does that look like? It takes the form of a cross.

The Lamb Of God
If you understand the story till now, then you should understand the statement of John the Baptist who was baptizing one day in the Jordan river. Looking up, he saw Jesus coming, and he said,
.... "Behold! The LAMB OF GOD, who takes away the sin of the world!"
.....John 1:29

There are many, many more picture-stories God has placed in the Bible. Jesus said,
.... "Behold, I have come; in the volume of the book it is written of Me."
...... Hebrews 10:7

. Abraham was pictured as a father giving his son as a sacrifice.

. Moses taught that the blood of the lamb would spare God's people from judgment.

Those were to be pictures of another Father, the God of creation, who gave us his Son, so that if we put the blood of THIS lamb on the doorposts of our hearts, we are redeemed, and will not come into judgment - BECAUSE Jesus BECAME that lamb who was nailed on a cross IN OUR PLACE, to endure the judgment of God upon the sin of each of us. Therefore, if the judgment of our sins was taken by HIM, there is no more judgment coming to us whoever will receive and believe him, because as Jesus said from the cross,
....."It is FINISHED."
       John 19:30

Hitler tried to destroy every Jewish person in the Holocaust. His plan was called "the final solution." No. JESUS is "the final solution!" Bringing life, not death.

The Galaxies

by Louie Giglio

The Universe

by Louie Giglio

Here’s How You Happened

by Louie Giglio


by Louie Giglio

by Louie Giglio

The Galaxies

The Universe

Here's How You Happened

Laminin - the best of all!

The Greatness Of God

by Louie Giglio

About Jesus -Basic Historic Facts

The depictions of Jesus that people take for granted, religious icons and paintings, do not portray him as he was. Religion has done a lot to obscure the story of Jesus, for Satan loves nothing more than to detract from who he really is and what his purpose was in coming to this earth.

He Was Not Blonde And Blue Eyed
And he had no halo around his head. Jesus was born a Jew, in Israel. That means he was dark-haired, dark-eyed, and looked Israeli.

His Name Was Yeshua
While he was on this earth, no one called him, "Jesus." His name was Yeshua. He spoke Hebrew and Aramaic, and his given name, "Yeshua" means "salvation."

Born Of The Tribe Of Judah
His earthly foster-father or legal father, was Joseph, Hebrew Yosef, who was a Jew of the tribe of Judah and a descendant of King David through the line of David's son Solomon.

Jesus' mother was Mary, Hebrew Miriam, was also of the tribe of Judah, and descended from King David through David's son Nathan.

Lived Most Of His Life In Israel
Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Israel, and lived his entire life on this earth within the confines of Israel, with the exception of a short period of time after his birth when his parents fled to Egypt because Herod was killing all the male Hebrew babies, intending to destroy the ONE who was born in Bethlehem, the Messiah and coming King. After Herod's death, they returned to Israel, to their home in Nazareth.

Jesus began his ministry at the river Jordan, and walked throughout Israel during the 3-1/2 years of his ministry, until his crucifixion.

The Crucifixion
Jesus was crucified on a hill called Golgotha just outside the city of Jerusalem, a place I've had the privilege of seeing for myself and can testify that it is recognizable by the rock formation making the hill look like a skull. He was buried in a tomb nearby.

Three nights and three days later, Jesus rose from the dead, and spent 40 more days on earth appearing to upwards of 500 people so that there would be no question that he had risen physically from the dead. He retained the nail prints in his hands, leaving no doubt that this was the same Jesus who died on that cross. After 40 days, he ascended back to heaven from the Mount of Olives, in the sight of many witnesses.

Is Jesus Christ God?

The Bible, the Word of God, proclaims that Jesus Christ is God.

His Name

First, God revealed to Moses that his Name is "I AM."

"Then Moses said to God, "Indeed, when I come to the children of Israel and say to them, `The God of your fathers has sent me to you,' and they say to me, `What is His name?' what shall I say to them? And God said to Moses, 'I AM WHO I AM.'' And He said, 'Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, `I AM has sent me to you.' ''
Exodus 3:13-14

Jesus made claim to being "I AM."

"Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad.' Then the Jews said to Him, 'You are not yet fifty years old, and have You seen Abraham?' Jesus said to them, 'Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.' 
John 8:56-58

The Rabbis knew exactly what he was saying. They were enraged that he was making the claim of being the "I AM" of Exodus 3.

verse 59:

"Then they took up stones to throw at Him; but Jesus hid Himself and went out of the temple, going through the midst of them, and so passed by."

Again he made this claim when questioned by the high priest:

"Again the high priest asked him, and said unto him, 

Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed? 
And Jesus said, I AM.
And you shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, 
and coming in the clouds of heaven."
Mark 14:61-62.

He also made this claim when speaking with a woman at a well in Samaria:

"The woman said to him, 

'I know that Messiah is coming (who is called Christ).
When he comes, he will tell us all things.'
Jesus said to her, 'I who speak to you am he.'”
John 4:25-26."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jesus identified himself as God

"And behold, I come quickly and my reward is with me, to give to every man according as his work shall be. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last."
Revelation 22:12-13

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The New Testament writers identified him as God

"Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood."
Acts 20:28

"Great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh …received up into glory."
1 Timothy 3:16

"For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily."
Colossians 2:9

The Prophet Daniel Foretells The Crucifixion Date

In the sixth century BCE, the Kingdom of Judah, including Jerusalem, was destroyed and the Jews taken into captivity in Babylon. Daniel was a youth when he was taken to Babylon, but he gained favor under King Nebuchadnezzar.

While in captivity, Daniel was given the famous "70-Week prophecy," which is of such precision that it boggles the mind when you realize what it’s saying. It actually names the actual day, the date, that the Messiah would ride into Jerusalem on a donkey, and be refused by national Israel.

The Book of Daniel, chapter 9, starting in verse 24
Daniel was told that 70 "shevuim" were determined upon his people and his holy city, Jerusalem. "Shevuim," translated "weeks," is a period of 7’s in the same sense that "a decade" to us would be a period of 10 years.

He was told that after 69 periods of 7, the Messiah would be "cut off," that he would be killed.

The prophecy says that the count starts at the issuing of the decree to rebuild Jerusalem. From that day, there would be 69 "shevuim," or 483 Biblical years "unto Messiah the Prince." Biblical years were 360-day years.

That command to rebuild Jerusalem was given many years later by King Artaxerxes Longimanus to Nehemiah, on March 14, 445 BCE. This is a historical fact. There were 3 prior edicts, but those were given commanding them to go back and rebuild the Temple. The fourth edict was that they go and rebuild JERUSALEM as the prophecy in Daniel 9 specifies.

So from 445 BCE there would be a time-span of 483 years (69 x 7).
We reckon 69 x 7 years, x 360 days, because in the Bible, prophecies are given in 360-day years. So it’s saying that from the issuing of that command, would be a time span of 173,880 days.

If you count 173,880 actual calendar days from March 14, 445 BCE using the worlds's calendar, here’s the math. We’re using 365-day years to get to the actual secular calendar date:

March 14, 445 BCE to March 14, 32 AD  = 173,740
(476 x 365) no year "0"
March 14 to April 6, inclusive             + 24
Added leap year days                         +116
(119-3, adjusted for actual leap years)       _______

What happened on that date, April 6, 32 AD?
* We know historically that Jesus began his ministry
in the autumn of the 15th year of Tiberius.
Luke 3:1

* Tiberius was appointed August 19, 14 AD.
His 15th year would be in the year reaching 29,
so during the year 28 Jesus began his ministry.

* We know that Jesus ministered for 3-1/2 years and
died on Passover, 32 AD.

* The day he presented himself to Jerusalem was on
Palm Sunday,April 6, 32 AD, Nisan 10 on the Hebrew

* He was crucified 4 days later.

I Was Guilty Before Heaven's Court

After living what I felt was a 'decent' life, my time on earth came to the end.

The first thing I remember is sitting on a bench in the waiting room of what looked like a court house.

The doors opened and I was instructed to come in and have a seat by the defense table.

As I looked around I saw the Prosecutor. He was a villainous looking figure who snarled as he glared at me. He definitely was the most evil person I have ever seen.

I sat down and looked to my left and there sat my Attorney, a kind and gentle-looking man whose appearance seemed familiar to me, I felt I knew Him.

The corner door flew open and there appeared the Judge in full flowing robes. He commanded an awesome presence. As he moved across the room I shuddered.

He took His seat behind the bench and said, 'Let us begin.'

The Prosecutor rose and said, 'My name is Satan and I am here to show you why this person belongs in hell.'

He proceeded to tell of lies that I had told, things that I had stolen, times I had cheated others. Satan told of other horrible perversions that had been in my life and the more he spoke, the further down in my seat I sank.

I was so embarrassed that I couldn't look at anyone, even my own Attorney, as the Devil told of sins that even I had completely forgotten about.

As upset as I was at Satan for telling all these things about me, I was equally upset at my Attorney who sat there silently not offering any form of defense at all.

I know I was guilty of those things, but I had done some good in my life too - couldn't that at least equal out part of the harm I'd done? No, I realized, not now.

Satan finished with a fury and said, 'This person belongs in hell. He is guilty of all that I have charged and there is not a person who can prove otherwise.'

When it was his turn, my Attorney first asked if he might approach the bench. The Judge allowed this over the strong objections of Satan, and beckoned my Attorney to come forward.

As he got up and started walking, I was able to see him in his full splendor and majesty. Then I suddenly realized why he seemed so familiar - this was Jesus representing me, my Lord and my Savior!!!

He stopped at the bench and softly said to the Judge, 'Father,' and then he turned to address the court.

'Satan was correct in saying that this person has sinned, I won't deny any of these allegations. And, yes, the wages of sin is death, and this persoan deserves to be punished.'

Jesus took a deep breath and turned to his Father with outstretched arms and proclaimed, 'However, I died on the cross in his place so that he might have eternal life. I received in myself on the Cross all the judgment due this person. He has accepted me as his Savior, so he is Mine.'

He continued, 'His name is written in the Book of Life, and no one can snatch him from Me.

Jesus sat down, he quietly paused, looked at his Father and said, 'There is nothing else that needs to be done. I've done it all.'

The Judge lifted his mighty hand and slammed the gavel down. The following words bellowed from his lips...

'This person is free. The penalty for his sins has already been paid in full. Case dismissed.'

As my Lord led me away, I could hear Satan screaming, 'I won't give up, I will win the next one!'

I asked Jesus, 'Have you ever lost a case?'

Christ lovingly smiled and said, 'Everyone who has come to me and asked me to represent him has received the same verdict as you:

Paid In Full.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author Unknown

Are You Jewish?

Read it for yourself. This passage states that the CHILD 
born in Bethlehem is the MIGHTY GOD and the ETERNAL FATHER.

Isaiah 9:6-7   Yishayahu 9:6-7
Ci yeled yulad lanu

For  a child  is born  to us, a son  is given to us
 Ci   yeled     yulad   lanu    ben    nitan     lanu

And will be  the government  upon  his shoulder.
 Vatehi             hamisrah        al        shicmo

And will be called his name:
 Vayikra                     shmo

Wonderful, Counselor, God Mighty,
 Pele,           Yo-etz,      El Gibor

Father Eternal, Prince of Peace
 Avi        Ad       Sar        Shalom

Of the increase of the government and of peace
 L'marbeh           hamisrah               ul'shalom

there will be no end
 en                  ketz

upon throne of David  and upon his Kingdom
 al   cisei          David      v'al       mamlachto

to establish it    and to uphold it
 lehakin    otah     ul'saadah

in justice  and in righteousness
 b'mishpat    uvi'tzdakah

from now and to forever.
 me'ata   v'ad   olam.

The Deity Of Jesus

WHY did the people take up stones to stone Jesus?

Because they understood exactly what He was saying, that he is God.

His claim, that HE is the I AM:
"Jesus said to them, 'Most assuredly, I say to you, before
Abraham was, I AM.' Then they took up stones to throw
at Him; but Jesus hid Himself and went out of the Temple,
going through the midst of them, and so ...passed by."
-John 8:58

What did He mean when he said, "I AM" ???

That he is the "I AM" as revealed to Moses:
"Then Moses said to God, 'Indeed, when I come to the children
of Israel and say to them, `The God of your fathers has sent me
to you,' and they say to me, `What is His name?' what shall I say
to them?'

And God said to Moses, 'I AM WHO I AM.' And He said, 'Thus
you shall say to the children of Israel, I AM has sent me to you.'
...The Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham,the God
of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you.

This is my Name forever, and this is My memorial to all
He also made this claim when questioned by the high priest:
"Again the high priest asked him, and said unto him,
Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?
And Jesus said, I AM.
And you shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power,
and coming in the clouds of heaven."
Mark 14:61-62
And again when speaking to a woman at a well in Samaria:
"The woman said to him,
'I know that Messiah is coming (who is called Christ).
When he comes, he will tell us all things.'
Jesus said to her, 'I who speak to you am he.'”
John 4:25-26
The Jewish Messiah is God
"For I could wish that I myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my countrymen according to the flesh, who are Israelites, to whom pertain the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the service of God, and the promises; of whom are the fathers and from whom, according to the flesh, Christ came, who is over all, the eternally blessed God."Romans 9:3-5

A Personal Experience At The Garden Tomb

It was my first year in Jerusalem, and I went to visit the Garden Tomb.

The Garden Tomb is the place believed by many to be the place where they laid the dead body of Jesus after the Crucifixion. It's little more than a stone's throw from Golgotha, the "hill of the skull," (Matthew 27:33) and also called Calvary, where it is believed the Crucifixion of Jesus took place. You can see from a distance the distinct impression of a skull in the rocky side of the hill and I took note of that. It's unmistakable.

As I gazed on Golgotha, I spent some time imagining what happened there on a cross almost 2,000 years ago. Then I faced the Garden Tomb. I wasn't sure I wanted to go inside, to me it was one of the holiest places on earth and I felt unworthy to touch it. But after awhile I decided to go in. I wanted to see everything and anything that pertained to my Lord and all He accomplished when He came to this earth.

It was a bit dark in there, but I could clearly see the slab where the Body of Christ had been placed. I solemnly looked around and took it all in.

But then, suddenly, something began to happen to me. Inexplicably, I began to tremble deep inside my body. Then this feeling came over me that's hard to describe, except to say it was one of the most intense feelings of joy that I have ever felt in my life. It took me by surprise and seemed odd to me, because I was standing in a dark tomb yet feeling this intense joy completely envelop me inside and out. I was stunned. I didn't know what was happening to me. I was a bit fearful because this was such an incomparable experience happening there in that dark place.

As I stood there in wonder, the Lord Himself spoke to me, and the words I heard that day deep within me were words I will remember till the day I leave this earth, so profoundly did they impact me. He said to me:

"Paula, this is not the place of death, this is the place of RESURRECTION!"

Oh yes, YES, YES!! This is the place where the greatest miracle of all time had taken place!!! My Savior who had been crucified for me, did not remain on that slab.

He is RISEN! Yes, oh yes, HE IS RISEN!

I was so stunned I was reeling, and later it took me a bit of time until I was able to look at those words and understand the great meaning imparted to me that day. I have meditated on them time and time again throughout the following years, knowing that that day was to me one of the most meaningful days of my time on earth.

In the ages to come, it will be known to all that there was one day greater than any other day past, present, or future, and that was the day that Jesus Christ obtained the eternal victory over death and the grave, and rose gloriously out of that tomb. It is the Resurrection from the dead that sets Him apart from any other person deemed "holy" in this world, past, present, or future. No other religion has a Savior who overcame death and promised his believers that "whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die." (John 11:26)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am ALIVE FOREVERMORE."
Revelation 1:18

Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He ever lives to make intercession for them.
Hebrews 7:25

Read the Biblical story of the resurrection in John, chapter 20.

Who Jesus Is To Me

To me personally, Jesus is the Savior in every sense of the word.

In my search for truth, I went down many wrong paths including all that's today called "New Age" venues, along with occult practices. It's a "given," that those paths lead to destruction, especially ANY involvement with the occult, but I didn't know that then. And sure enough, the more I got involved in those things, the more affliction came at me on all sides.

At the same time, I was a full-blown alcoholic. I suffered very deep depression, and for awhile, alcohol eased the pain. At the end, however, it affects one's liver and from that point on, it no longer eases pain, but changes the personality. While at one time alcohol had made me relaxed and happy, giggly, etc, it had progressed to the point of making me ugly - VERY ugly, and was taking me down the path that surely would bring me to death. By now, I was drinking every hour I was awake, from morning until I went to bed at night.

As my world was spinning out of control around me, and catapulting me deeper and deeper into depression, I tried all the remedies both for depression and also for breaking away from alcoholism, all without any success whatsoever, and I was left in a state of utter despair.

On a Thanksgiving weekend one year, a series of circumstances developed, which brought me to a true encounter with Jesus Christ. Never had I been as impacted by anything as I was in this experience. He revealed to me who he was, and that he was calling me to repentance and into the surrender of my life to him. The experience was so intense, that I had absolutely no doubt and I agreed on his terms.

Three weeks later, as I was in my kitchen on the day before Christmas eve, the Lord Jesus was suddenly there beside me. I did not see as one sees in the natural. I didn't see details. All I knew was that Jesus Christ was standing next to me and told me that if I would pour the drink I had in my hand down the kitchen sink, he would set me free from bondage to alcoholism. I poured the drink down the sink and as that liquid left my glass, all desire for alcohol instantly and totally left me. He had truly set me free. I wouldn't need "AA" or any other aid, I was truly free, and I did not experience ANY withdrawal whatsoever. In awe, I realized I had experienced a miracle.

That began a walk with him that has lasted now more than 30 years. In this time Jesus Christ has revealed to me who he is, why he came and walked the shores of Galilee, what it means for me personally, and what he wants from us. I've witnessed many more miracles during these years, and amazing manifestations of his love for me.

In the Scriptures Jesus foretold that in this world we will have tribulation, and that certainly has been true in my experience. But he has been present with me in every trial, strengthening me, encouraging me, and giving me hope. I've known him on the mountain tops, and I've known him in the valleys. He is EVERYTHING to me. I could never, ever express how much I love him.

The Majesty Of God From The Telescope To The Microscope

The Galaxies


The Universe

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