Are You Jewish?

Read it for yourself. This passage states that the CHILD 
born in Bethlehem is the MIGHTY GOD and the ETERNAL FATHER.

Isaiah 9:6-7   Yishayahu 9:6-7

Ci yeled yulad lanu

For  a child  is born  to us, a son  is given to us
 Ci   yeled     yulad   lanu    ben    nitan     lanu

And will be  the government  upon  his shoulder.
 Vatehi             hamisrah        al        shicmo

And will be called his name:
 Vayikra                     shmo

Wonderful, Counselor, God Mighty,
 Pele,           Yo-etz,      El Gibor

Father Eternal, Prince of Peace
 Avi        Ad       Sar        Shalom

Of the increase of the government and of peace
 L'marbeh           hamisrah               ul'shalom

there will be no end
 en                  ketz

upon throne of David  and upon his Kingdom
 al   cisei          David      v'al       mamlachto

to establish it    and to uphold it
 lehakin    otah     ul'saadah

in justice  and in righteousness
 b'mishpat    uvi'tzdakah

from now and to forever.
 me'ata   v'ad   olam.